Consumers benefit when funeral homes and cemeteries are at one location for the same reason they have benefited from the rise of super centers over the last half of the 20th century. The convenience of having all relevant services and products available to them in one location and through one staff may seem like a small thing at first glance. But, as one considers the relative ease today with advent of stores that offer groceries, cleaning supplies, electronics, clothing and even pharmaceuticals all under one roof, it can be staggering to think of how the simple task of grocery shopping once required many different stops and many different transactions with many different people. The same is true of funeral homes and cemeteries.

Nationally less than 5% of the funeral homes are combined with a cemetery. Even a smaller number provide on-site cremation and monument selections. At Benton County Memorial Park we offer all of those services. Some specific advantages to families through use of jointly operated cemeteries and funeral homes are:

  • Total arrangement - where the purchaser has the ability and convenience of making all at need or preneed arrangements simultaneously while dealing with one person, and;
  • Convenient location - all services can be held at one site, thus eliminating costly and possibly hazardous funeral processions, and;
  • Savings - by eliminating the duplicative administrative costs of maintaining separate businesses, combined operations run more efficiently and economically, which results in cost savings to the family.

Combination operations allow businesses to be more cost-efficient through economies of scale, shared facilities and transportation services, central purchasing power, and joint marketing. Overhead increases, caused by escalating rates of insurance, regulatory compliance, labor and equipment costs, can also be held down through the use of combined operations.

So, funeral homes and cemeteries are a perfect combination from a variety of perspectives. It’s comforting for grieving family members to know that funerals and burials can usually be arranged by dealing with a single person at a single location.