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Guestbook for Lucille Montgomery

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We will miss Lou so much. She was like a 2nd grandma to me and my brother each summer. Sending you all our love and care.
Vince and Gigi Musgrove
Jul 30, 2019
Rogers, AR
Many precious memories of times spent with Otis and Lou and their children many years ago when we were living in Rogers. We cherish our last visit with Lou in her home there and at the restraunt with her and Earnie and Dona a few years ago. A wonderful visit. Her faithful life and example will live on in our hearts.
John and Donna Casey
Jul 31, 2019
Winterville, GA
We both loved Lou. I can't remember not knowing her. She leaves a wonderful testimony behind. Thankful for her gentle, loving example. You're in our thoughts and prayers
Lanita & Emma Phelan
Aug 01, 2019
Rogers, AR
Otis and Lou were so good to us. We loved their kindness and faithfulness. Amber and I spent many happy afternoons with Lou and Hazel when we were girls, learning to make bread and pies, being introduced to good books, or getting sewing lessons. She was so patient with us. Glad for all the memories. Thinking of you all there.
Ryan and Autumn White
Aug 01, 2019
Rosedale, IN
She lived a full life and brought happiness to many. She will be missed.
Bonnie and Marvin White
Aug 01, 2019
Chattaroy, WA
Lou had her place in the plan of our eternal God and filled it with the best but now the torch has been passed to another following. Nobody can take her place but that same torch will be carried on in the same way toward the same place where we can all rest together. Such company!!!!!!!
Jim Shelby
Aug 02, 2019
Nevada, MO
Lou was one of the sweetest ladies we knew. Her smile and gentle spirit will always be remembered; her strong faith, and love for others will always be an inspiration to us. Thinking of you with care as you experience this loss.
Justin and Lori Bryan
Aug 02, 2019
Huntsville, AR