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Guestbook for Dennis Leo Morgenstern

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Our hearts are broken. It is so hard to imagine our lives without Denny as he was part of our family for many years. His love, friendship, compassion, ever-present support and on-going teasing will forever be part of us. We are thankful to have known Denny and shared so many wonderful times in his company.
Karen & Michel Sage
Dec 27, 2019
Rogers, AR
I'm sorry that I won't be able to see and talk with my good friend Denny anymore. He was a big part of my life and I always enjoyed our visits. I'll always be grateful to him and especially honored to have been there the last time he told His story. I also want to correct the error in the obituary. Denny had 30 years years of sobriety. He got and stayed sober in 1989.
Mike Kamensky
Dec 27, 2019
Rogers, AR
Denny was a special friend. We shared many lunches together while he was the maintenance supervisor at Boardwalk Apartments in Lawrence Kansas. We remained in touch throughout the years and always had stories to share about our motorcycles and families. My prayers are with the entire family.
Ron Jones
Dec 27, 2019
Park City, KS
Peace, prayer and light for Denny.
Wanda Jones
Dec 27, 2019
Sedgwick, KS
Denny hade been my sponsor since I got sober at Cherry St 07/15/93. 26 years this man helped a lot of men in the program . I am going to miss him. I have never hade a friend like Denny he was always there for me and always told me the straight up truth . we love you Denny Russell & Nora Roullard Dec 29 2019
Russell Roullard
Dec 29, 2019
Harrison, AR
Denny was a good guy! I had the pleasure of knowing him and working with him for several years. He cared so much for other people, that's why he had so many friends. He will sure be missed. Love you Denny.
Carol Douglass
Dec 30, 2019
Garfield, AR
My condolences to all the family, especially Pam and Amy, who I met long ago when Denny was in Lawrence. I gave Denny some electrical work when he was first sober and was at the first meeting he held in his home at either Blue Rapids or Waterville, KS. Can't remember which town, but even the noisy coffee maker fell silent when he asked for a moment of silence-God's fingerprint. Denny's sobriety date was 12-31-88 and Kath and I went down to give him a 30 year medallion from the Manhattan, KS The Week That Was group- as he had requested- in early 2019. Denny had a contagious laugh and was a great story-teller. He made friends easily and helped many people in AA. Our lives were made richer by knowing Denny and for that we will always be grateful, but he will be missed. God bless and keep you Denny. Easy since i'm sure you are in heaven now.
Jim and Kathleen Fischer
Jan 02, 2020
Axtell, KS
He was a unique man; A blessing to many people's lives. He will be missed by many family and friends.
Jane Means
Jan 07, 2020
Rogers, AR
I meant Dennis,as the name I knew him by. We we connected about three years ago and talked about our memories of past.I miss your phone visits and RIP Dennis!
Diane Leming
Feb 01, 2020
Lecompton, KS
Denny was a part of my life for3 or 4 years in Manhattan, Ks. Denny was mannerly and had a great sense of humour. He treated me like a lady and loved to dance. He will be sorely missed by all friends and relatives.
Rodella Jaecke
Jul 26, 2020
Junction City, KS