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Memorial for Joseph Roy Ling

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Mr. Joseph Roy Ling, passed away July 28, 2020, in Rogers, Arkansas. He was born July 18, 1943, the son of the late Sheldon E. Ling and Anna L. Lingo of Lincoln Township Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Joe was active in the Boy Scouts and attained the rank of Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow. A graduate of Chestnut Ridge High School in Fishertown Pennsylvania, entered the Navy and was a 12 year veteran. He served in the Vietnam conflict and his final ranking was E-6 1st Class Petty Officer. Joe was one of the first to receive the Data Processing Technician rating (DP.) After his military service he served many years helping others as a drug and alcohol counselor. He also enjoyed the many years working for the Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania and also the Hampton Inn in Rogers, Arkansas. Joe's passion included cooking, electronics, chess and being of service to friends of Bill Wilson. At the time of his passing he was living with his daughter Jessie Ling. He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother, John E. Ling. Joe was survived y his children Sherrie Von Sternberg and grandchildren Morgan and Elliott. David J Ling, and his grandson Jimmy. Jessie A.M. Ling, his younger brother Thomas S. Ling, husband of Mary Ann Mitchel, and nieces Lori A. Sneeringer and Nicole A. Ling. "And when he dies, cut him up into little stars so the whole world will fall in love with the night, and pay no attention to the garish day" (Shakespeare) He will be greatly loved and will be greatly missed.